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What is leaving a mark?

The woman who leaves a mark is one who is not afraid to raise her voice and be heard. She is the one who overcomes obstacles, keeps going and doesn't give up. She is the one who fights for her ideals, who is true to herself and who is not intimidated by gender stereotypes.

The woman who leaves her mark is brave and determined, she has no afraid of the unknown and does not let go. She is the one who defends her rights, who fights for equality . She does not accept violence or oppression.

At HEE , we believe in the woman who leaves a mark. We believe in the importance of supporting women around the world and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Leave a mark, be the best version of yourself.


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I have loved my HEE sandals since day one. They are very comfortable and I can wear them all day.

Laura Gonzalez, Seville.

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Very fast shipping. I was surprised at how light they are. extremely comfortable and quality. I like them very much

Maria Collado, Burgos.

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They feel very good quality. You can tell that it is natural leather and that they are durable. I use them to go to work and to go out in the afternoon.

Pilar Garcia, Barcelona

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