Elche, el 'Silicon Valley' del calzado español

Elche, the 'Silicon Valley' of the Spanish footwear industry

Could we define the city of Elche as the “ Silicon Valley ” of Spanish footwear? Definitely YES and at HEE we are going to explain why.

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For a start, ¿What do we mean when we talk about “Silicon Valley”? Well, this area located in Francisco Bay is the headquarters of many emerging and global technology companies: therefore, it is quite a synonymous with innovation and development.


For this reason, it is not surprising that the city of Elche (considered as the “birthplace of footwear”) be compared with this area of ​​the USA. The city of Alicante, where the facilities of HEE, has a rich tradition in shoe manufacturing. 

To give you an idea, most of Spanish footwear is produced in this city; specifically in a polygon andn which many of the country's most influential brands are concentrated at a national and international level. That is, in a small space a large amount of talent, companies and specialized knowledge in footwear.

But not everything has been positive In this environment, since the arrival of Chinese production on the market approximately in the year 2000, there has been a before and after in the footwear sector. Since then, there have been many factories and companies that They have had to close their doors.

This supposes quite a challenge but we must highlight that the outlook for this sector and the future of the city of Elche as one of the main footwear producers in Spain is not so negative. thanks to the change in consumer thinking.

This change in thinking implies a tendency for buyers to value factors such as quality, sustainable materials and commitment to durable and timeless designs.

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of purchasing products that are durable and that reduce environmental impact. Valuing quality over price and opting for brands committed to sustainability not only benefits us individually, but also It also contributes to the construction of a more sustainable future.


It is clear that it is quite a challenge but it is appreciated that more and more people as consumers value all these attributes against the competitive price that China offers, something that the Spanish product cannot compete against if it intends to maintain these quality standards.

In HEE, we are clear about our values ​​and our vision. Every day we work to offer the best product made in Spain.