One week, 7 looks for your MONROE boots

Are you looking for boots to use in your day to day life? Stop looking because you've already found them. Our MONROE boots are ideal to implement in your daily look and today we are going to prove it to you.

The MONROE boots, one of our favourite shoes from the new collection. Undoubtedly, a design designed exclusively for you: your comfort, practicality and style. Made with the best materials and cared for down to the smallest detail.

7 looks hee boots

Something that stands out about this model is its great versatility and, to prove it to you, we bring you 7 ideas of looks for the 7 days of the week to use with your MONROE.

MONDAY. Jeans and basic white shirt/shirt.

Let's start the week and, as we know that Mondays are hard, we propose you a very simple outfit. All you have to do is choose your favourite jeans and combine them with a T-shirt or basic shirt in the colour you like the most. For your feet, of course, our star boots.

TUESDAY. Sweater and midi skirt

Tuesdays can sometimes be difficult, but certainly less so than Mondays. For this reason, we encourage you to try a look that includes a midi skirt (if you don't have one, it won't be difficult to find one because they are in trend). These skirts go well with everything and, for this season, with a jumper they are a must. And what shoes? Well, obviously a pair of MONROE

WEDNESDAY. Denim jumpsuit/ denim outfit

7 looks hee boots

The weekend is slowly approaching and we're looking forward to something a bit more special. What do we suggest? A denim jumpsuit, another very trendy garment this season. The perfect match for our boots

THURSDAY. Flared trousers and overshirt

Equator of the week and very close to the weekend, one last effort! For Thursday we're back to a very simple look: all you need is a pair of bell-bottom trousers (a wardrobe staple we all have) and an overshirt (or shirt, if you don't have one). Very simple, but your MONROE boots will give it that special touch.

FRIDAY. Skirt and blouse

Come on, it's Friday and your body knows it! For Friday we suggest you this outfit that you can wear to work and be ready for any plan afterwards. As easy as choosing the skirt you like and a matching blouse, ideal for those plans that may arise on a Friday. Besides, with our boots you will be able to enjoy and be comfortable no matter what the plan is.

SATURDAY. Shorts, T-shirt and leather jacket

7 looks hee boots

Finally Saturday and here we leave you with the coolest outfit of all! Perfect for dinner, a drink with friends or a walk around the city, how about a pair of shorts, a basic T-shirt and a leather jacket? It's very Saturday, isn't it? A pair of MONROE will help you to make this combination not go unnoticed, they will give a lot of character to this look.

SUNDAY. Dress and blazer

To get rid of the bittersweet taste of Sundays, we suggest you this outfit that will surely make Monday's return to work not so hard. Your favourite dress and a blazer, for example: comfort and elegance in equal parts. And yes... a MONROE on your feet.

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