new collection autumn winter hee

BE THE F*****G BOSS:all about our collection

Our new autumn/winter collection is here with new and original models that you will love. Today we want to tell you all the details behind the collection ... don't miss them!
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After months of work, our new collection is finally on sale. We are very happy and excited because we have managed to perfectly capture everything we wanted to convey with our shoes for this season.

BE THE F*****G BOSS is the title we have chosen for this collection. And you may ask... why the f*****g boss? Well, what we wanted was to reflect all those values ​​that represent all the women for whom we make our shoes: strong, hard-working, resilient, "all-terrain" and, above all, stylish women.

new collection autumn winter hee

The name of the collection also functions as a slogan for the campaign and, if we look at it in more depth, as a lifestyle. We have created versatile and comfortable shoes that will allow you to live carefree. Shoes that it will enhance your essence.

Within the "f*****g boss" universe you can find models of all types and for all kinds of situations according to the needs of each one. We wanted to create models thinking about your day to day but also in your most special days and so that, whatever day it is, you can feel like a real "f*****g boss".

new collection autumn winter hee

One of the curiosities hidden in our collection is the name of our shoes, maybe you have noticed our LAUREN BOOTS, DORIS LOAFERS or TAYLOR BOOTS. The names are not chosen at random, everything has been designed with a purpose.

As you know, this season one of the biggest trends is the return to the looks of the 50's. Well, as we are always aware of this, the names of the shoes are inspired by women of this era who have gone down in history for being iconic. Women such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Doris Day or Lauren Bacall: real f*****g bosses

As an extra curiosity, we would like to tell you that all the photographs taken for the new collection were taken in the land where we are from: Alicante. Our streets and landscapes have inspired us to capture in an artistic way and present to everyone this new collection that we have prepared with so much love and dedication.

new collection autumn winter hee

It has been months of hard work. Looking for the best materials, the best combinations, the best trends, the best comfort for you and finally we have achieved it so that you can enjoy it.

We hope that you enjoy this collection as much as we have enjoyed making it. We have many surprises in store for you, so.... don't wait any longer and join the movement. BE THE F*****G BOSS!