how to drees in summer hee

How to dress in summer?

How can I be comfortable, cool and fashionable in summer? A recurring question during this time of the year. At HEE we give you a few tips that won't be difficult to achieve this.

The most practical thing to do in summer is to wear clothes that we feel comfortable in and that flatter us at the same time. Are you worried about not getting the perfect look with these comfortable and cool garments? We know that in winter it's easier, we can layer and that's it; something we clearly can't do in summer.

how to dress in summer

But don't worry! Here are a few tips to help you achieve the most summery and comfortable looks.


All three are ideal accessories that, in addition to helping you complete your outfit and give it a more fun touch, It will help protect you from the sun and keep you cooler. Without a doubt, something you'll be very grateful for on hot days.

how to dress in summer hee


Options such as linen, satin or crochet always go very well in this season. In addition to being a type of fabric that is in trend, these are garments that are very easy to combine as we can find them in many ways (plain, printed, with rhinestones, etc.) and they are very light and fresh. A good choice.


We know that jeans are at the forefront when it comes to choosing summer looks, but for those of you who find it hard to do without jeans in summer, we advise you tor opt for jeans in a lighter fabric. Other options include denim midi skirts, shorts and jean shorts: very on-trend.


It may not seem important, but the choice of color in summer is paramount. Always opt for white, beige tones, pastel colors or subtle prints; they will not only protect you from the heat but will also make you look more elegant and sophisticated.

how to dress in summer

We know that, for many, abandoning black is not an option and it is understandable as it is a color that is very easy to combine. For this reason, we always recommend that you intend that the garments you wear in black are made of light materials such as blouses, dresses or satin trousers.


A good option to help you fight the heat and complete your look is a good updo. Don't be afraid to try and innovate because there are very easy and quick hairstyles that can completely change your look and give it a very special touch. Try buns, braids, updos... anything you can think of!

And, if you have a special occasion or just feel like putting on some makeup, it's best to keep your fairly natural make-up so that your skin can look more radiant. Keep in mind that at this time of year we have a bit more color and we can show it off, as well as leaving the skin natural which is always a good thing.

how to dress in summer hee


It's good to complement your outfits with trainers from time to time, they are a very comfortable option but our advice is that you should always trand to wear your feet uncovered as much as possible.

Look for sandals that are comfortable, with good materials and that you know will be able to last all summer with you. Clearly, the best option for this are any of our sandals ;)