Which sandals fit your feet best?

Which sandals fit your feet best?

Do you buy sandals that you really like but then they are uncomfortable for your feet? Maybe it's because they're not the right ones for you. Today at HEE we tell you how to know which sandals are the best for you.
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The same thing always happens to you: you see some sandals that you like, you buy them and they are not comfortable for you. Buying shoes in summer is a real challenge. Don't suffer anymore because, by following these tips, you will find the sandals that they are made for you.

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It is important to pay attention to the details of the shoes when buying them, but it is even more important to take into account our foot type because, for each foot, there is a specific shoe that it will fit you better.


Having slightly wider feet than most is nothing to be alarmed about, you simply need to look for sandals with more flexible materials such as leather or suede. These shoes have a softer feel and will adapt much better to your foot. As a hint, we will tell you that all our shoes are made with natural leather ;)

Also, as a tip, we'll tell you to avoid sandals with thin straps because they will probably leave uncomfortable marks. try covered sandals with wide straps, avoid tight or pointed shoes.


sandals fit good hee

If your feet are narrower, always opt for sandals with ankle straps (IGNIS EMBER, for example), gladiator sandals (VENTUS ERA), adjustable shoes (AQUA VAIANA) or with velcro straps (AQUA KAI). And you may wonder why; well, this type of footwear has elements that can be adjustable to better adapt to your foot.


Having bunions is a real nuisance and something that complicates a lot the task of choosing sandals for the summer season, you have to look for beautiful footwear (yes) but above all, comfortable. The quality of these shoes should be your top priority. In this case, we encourage you to buy sandals similar to the ones we recommend for wide feet.

Leather also plays a very important role here, tanned leather or suede can be a good option: comfortable and adjustable to the foot. On the other hand, you should also opt for minimalist sandals with wide straps that supports the foot well and helps you to hide the bunions a bit. A pair of VENTUS AURA sandals may be ideal for you, for example.

Make sure that the straps or seams are not too much in contact with the affected part of the bone of your foot.


sandals fit good hee
As in the previous cases, this type of foot requires ccomfortable, quality footwear made of natural materials. Sandals with straps or laces that support the foot well will be the best. Also look for soles that respect the natural shape of your foot, flat soles and with a cushioned insole. TO VENTUS ALYA may be your best alternative.

We recommend that you try to avoid heels in these cases as they will force your foot to stay in a position that will not be comfortable for you; a forced position that can end up causing you discomfort.

By following these tips, the task of finding the best sandals for you will be much easier and you will be able to enjoy the summer 100% without any complications.