¿Cuánto tiempo se necesita para diseñar una colección de zapatos?

How long does it take to design a shoe collection?

Did you know that footwear collections begin to be prepared a year and a half before they are launched? How do you hear! This is something that few people know and here we will tell you why .

Every season, all fashion stores change their products and launch their new collections depending on the trends that are moving at that moment but ¿How can brands know what to wear?? or even, ¿When do they start preparing these collections??


These are questions that probably no one asks, but it is very interesting know it from the inside. As we told you, the new footwear collections are prepared with a year and a half in advance. AND, ¿how is the proccess?

A year and a half before, all brands are in charge of look for the trendsand observe the big brands to know what is the newest. As happens with everything, it is usually these brands that impose and are pioneers in fashion and the others are the ones in charge of replicating and giving their own touch to them.


For “hunt” These trends are usually referred to parades and fairs in which these projects are presented and note of them is noted for the creation of future collections.

He collection design itself begins a year before. This is a longer process than it seems because you have to take into account many factors, from the components of the shoe to the possible combinations made with the materials that will be used.

This is when the designer starts to draw and give free rein to your imagination taking into account the research on trends that has been previously done. Once the drawings are made, they also samples are prepared to be able to test them and know if they are ready to be used by future clients.

Once it has been verified that the shoes are correct, both in design and in practicality and comfort, the shoes can now be sent to production. The production process lasts about 6 months.


This means that, from the moment it is verified that the design of the shoe is correct until the shoe is ready to be sold, nothing more and nothing less than 6 months.

Therefore, and as a summary, ¿what is needed to prepare a shoe collection?

  • Go analyzing the trends emerging one and a half years in advance
  • Constantly research on emerging trends
  • Pay attention to what is moving in the leading cities in fashion

And of course, intuition and courage to bet on models that we trust can work. In HEE We are constantly researching and creating to obtain the best possible products, we can assure you that each VENTUS, IGNIS, AQUA and TERRA They are created with the greatest care and care possible.