calzado piel autentica hee

How to identify genuine leather in shoes

Are you one of those people who likes to buy leather shoes? Today at HEE we teach you how to detect when a shoe It is quality and made with 100% natural leather.

Nowadays it is complicated know if a shoe is real leather, the synthetic fur have entered the world of footwear with great force and, sometimes, it is difficult to differentiate them from natural ones with the naked eye.

calzado piel autentica hee

The first thing you will ask yourself is: ¿why you should choose leather shoes? ¿What difference do we find compared to synthetic leathers?? Well, the first advantage that leather footwear offers us is that its cality and resistance are greater besides that his appearance is more attractive.

On the other hand, leather footwear is much more breathable: something that prevents possible bad odors or discomfort due to excessive sweating. Fits better to your foot, it's always a trend and you will notice the quality As time goes by, they will look the same as the first day.

In HEE we can say that all our shoes are made with Genuine and best quality leather. Therefore, with these tips you will be able to know perfectly well if the footwear is made of real leather; you can check it with our shoes ;)


When we talk about genuine leather, it is totally normal that we can appreciate the textures. If you notice that the surface is smooth or has no texture, you are probably not looking at a natural leather shoe. Footwear made with natural leather normally It has creases in some areas, these can be noticed when trying on the shoes or walking with them.

calzado piel autentica hee


Natural leather has a very characteristic smell, especially at the beginning. Synthetic shoes give off the smell of the chemicals they contain or the plastic itself, all materials that are used to achieve an effect similar to that of leather. So you already know, As soon as you open the box of your shoes, you will realize if these are made of natural leather or not.


All leather shoes have some type of document/label/sticker somewhere that confirms its authenticity in addition to providing all the information about the leather with which they are made. For example, if you look at the bottom of our boxes, they all contain all the necessary information so you can see that Our skins are 100% natural and quality.


It consists of making the finger test, will help you know if the shoe is made of genuine leather. To carry out this test, you must press the softest area of ​​the shoe and you will notice how it sinks and small wrinkles form around the area you have pressed.

When you remove your finger, you will be able to see how the shoe It returns to its original shape without leaving any marks. On the other hand, when we do this with synthetic leather shoes you may notice the sensation that you are pressing something made of plastic, which is unnatural.


calzado piel autentica hee

As can be understood, leather shoes are more expensive. ¿Because? Very simple: the processes to which natural skin is subjected, labour and the time What does it mean to make a real leather shoe? It is reflected in its price. Therefore, if when buying a leather shoe its price is excessively cheap, alarm bells may go off.

As you see, Using natural leather footwear offers many advantages. Knowing how to recognize a genuine leather shoe may seem difficult at first glance since today there are many and very good imitations, but by following these tricks, it will not be difficult for you to recognize them.