Vive sin ataduras: nuevas zapatillas Crystal

Live without ties: new Crystal slippers

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste adjusting the laces of your sneakers? Today at HEE we tell you and give you a solution that will allow you to save all that time ;)
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You would be surprised to know that, according to scientifically unproven but very convincing studies (made by ourselves), people can waste an average of 60 hours a year trying to tame their unruly cords. ¡Yes, as you hear it!

Think of everything you could do in those 60 hours: learn a new language, watch an entire Netflix series, learn to play the guitar or simply take that time to relax and rest from your obligations. But instead you are there, fighting with your laces.

zapatillas crystal hee

You no longer need to suffer anymore because we have come to bring you the solution, you will be able to do all that we were talking about and more, all thanks to our new collection of sneakers CRYSTAL with elastic laces.

As you already know, what matters most to us is your comfort and be able to make your life easier. That is why, after several tests and designs, we decided to create these innovative sneakers which will allow you to save a lot of time with their elastic cords. You just have to slide your feet into the shoes and that's it!!

In fact, the entire design of these sneakers It's quite an innovation. From its transparent sole to its soft personalized fabric with a small leather diamond in which you can see our brand. All materials and production of these sneakers is 100% made in Spain.

zapatillas crystal hee

6 different models, 3 colors and infinite combinations with which you can enjoy this timeless shoe highly recommended to have in your closet. Comfortable and stylish in equal parts.

We cannot hide how proud we are of this product that we have designed and that You already have it available on our website. Our goal is always to innovate and be able to give you the highest possible quality, comfort and style. And we have achieved it.

You know if you want to tell him goodbye to complicated knots and waste of time Grab one of our new sneakers and just imagine all the exciting things you can do with those extra 60 hours a year. ¡Infinite possibilities!

¿You join the revolution without knots We are waiting for you!o!