Take care of your feet in summer

We walk barefoot, we don't wear tights or socks, we sweat more, we wear sandals for the first time, we spend more time in the sun, we bathe in the sea and in the pool, we spend more time active... many factors that make our feet suffer, but how do we do them ? make your feet suffer as little as possible this summer?

Summer is just around the corner and our feet tend to suffer from certain things that, taking into account a couple of tips, you will be able to avoid and your feet enjoy the summer 100%.

The great fear of our feet this season: chafing and blisters. By not wearing socks, the thin skin of your feet ends up rubbing against the inside of your sandals. On the other hand, by revealing them this makes let them dehydrate and causes a some abrasion from contact with the shoe.


¿What to do then?  The main and most important thing to avoid skin injuries is to keep them always hydrated with specific creams for this area. The ideal time to apply these creams is at night before going to bed, this way we prevent the product from being removed by footwear.

Another piece of advice we can give you is apply neutral Vaseline or specific lubricants in the areas of greatest friction to avoid blisters and chafing while you walk.


As a last piece of advice and, one of the most important, We recommend that you wear leather shoes. By using quality shoes and natural leather, your feet will suffer much less since the skin finishes yielding and adjusting to the foot. Plus, you're in luck because all the sandals HEE They are natural leather ;)

AND… ¿what about closed shoes in summer   If you are going to use closed shoes to do some activity or simply for pleasure, try to make this a type of model Withouth stitches that is made with technical material. This type of material helps reduce sweat and allows an adjustment to the foot without oppressing it.

If you have been able to follow these tips and you already have an injury to your feet, surely what you are looking for is a way to soothe your feet and make wounds heal as quickly as possible. We will tell you as.


Blisters are not only painful and annoying, they can become infected and cause pain and injuries to the bones and muscles (these injuries can occur due to poor footing when trying to avoid pain when walking). Thus, It is important that the healing be effective.

For chafing, it is recommended wash the area very well with soap and water, an antiseptic and cover the affected area so that the wound is not contaminated and is not in contact with the footwear.

If we talk about blisters, these must be carefully drained by pricking with a previously disinfected needle. The liquid must be extracted but not the excess skin, a mistake that is usually madeWhat you do have to do is cover the area with a dressing and wait for it to heal.

Throughout this season, we will give you more tips to try to make your feet suffer as little as possible and so you can Enjoy a summer free of foot pain.