trendy complements october hee

Complements you must have this October

Previously we already told you about the top trends for this autumn . Today in HEE we want to tell you which will be the accessories that will have to accompany your outfits this season.

Are you one of those who can't leave home without accessories Perfect, you're in the right place!! We will always be fans of accessories: those that make your look completely enhanced and that, of course, will make a perfect matches with your HEE shoes.

trendy complements october hee

We must keep in mind that we come from a minimalism of the 90's hand in hand with other trends such as the "silent luxury" that coexists with the "street style". In other words, many different style variants that come together to give way to the most current fashion.

That said, what will be the main accessories for this season?


Yes, the socks. And you will say... what kind of accessory is this? Well, it is and it's very on trend. The trick is to combine some nice socks with your favorite shoes, a trend that was already seen last spring and this fall was not going to be less. Logically, the best the socks look, better. For example, you can choose your favorite loafers and combine them with socks or stockings that don't go unnoticed. DORIS loafers are ideal to implement this chic accessories.

trendy complements october hee


Belts are a classic, not only for comfort but also for aesthetics. More and more we like to use belts with beautiful designs that can be seen and be an important part of our outfit. The truth is that belts have flooded this season's collections regardless of their size but it is the maxi belts that takes the jackpot. And why is that Because we are looking for them to look good when they are superimposed on other garments such as coats or oversized sweaters.


From maxi belts we move on to maxi earrings, Although it is true that this season's fashion seeks to be quite minimalist and sober, it also tries to find a strong contrast with accessories like this. No matter the design, the color, the material: it matters that they can be something very remarkable in your look.


trendy complements october hee

When it comes to bags we have a big contrast that leaves no room for middle ground: either elegant and small handbags or oversized bags. This does not have to be a problem, it can be adapted according to the circumstances in which you are going to use this accessory. The key to it all is to play with textures and, as much as possible, make your bag match your HEE to make the perfect combo ;)

And so much for our accessory trend report for this month. This does not mean it will be the last one, you know we love to be informed and tell you everything about trends. So, we will continue to be on the lookout to tell you more. You must stay tuned!