Live with no strings attached: new Crystal slippers

Live with no strings attached:new Crystal slippers

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste adjusting the laces of your shoes? Today at HEE we tell you about it and give you a solution that will save you all that time ;)
Our summer basics

Our summer basics

We know that summer is almost over and maybe buying sandals is not in your plans but there are certain basics that you should not miss the opportunity to have. Versatile and timeless classics that ...
Advantages of wearing wedges

Advantages of wearing wedges

Wedges are a summer classic: some people consider them to be the best footwear option for this season... and rightly so. Why? For many reasons! Here we tell you the advantages of wearing wedge sand...
4 looks with which to combine your HEE

4 looks with which to combine your HEE

If there's one thing that characterizes our sandals, it's their great versatility when it comes to combining them with your best outfits, and here we're going to provide it to you. We bring you 4 l...
know style hee

How do I know what my style is?

Do you find it hard to combine your clothes when it comes to dressing up? Do you feel like you don't fit into any style? Don't worry, it's totally normal! Today in HEE we will give you a couple of ...
ELEMENTAL SUMMER: The most beachy

ELEMENTAL SUMMER:The most beachy

Days at the beach, afternoons of endless walks, party nights… summer is here. There are many plans to do it and of course, for each plan, you have some HEE. Today we tell you which are our most bea...
how to drees in summer hee

How to dress in summer?

How can I be comfortable, cool and fashionable in summer? A recurring question during this time of the year. At HEE we give you a few tips that won't be difficult to achieve this.
accessory trends summer 2023 hee

Accessory trends for this summer 2023

Earrings, rings, necklaces, ornaments with flowers... these are some of the trends you won't be able to escape this summer 2023 . Today at HEE we tell you what accessories you can't miss this season.
Trends summer 2023

Trends summer 2023

The summer season 2023 is just around the corner and we are really looking forward to it. You may be wondering what the fashion trends will be during this season, here we bring you the answer.