Tendencias en calzado para la temporada primavera/ verano 2023

Footwear trends for the spring/summer 2023 season

We are already in spring, soon summer is approaching and you will ask yourself: what will be the trends that will dominate and take over all stores? In HEE SHOES we tell you.

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Many of these trends in footwear we already know about them and we have even implemented them before in our outfits: either because we have already seen them in stores or because they have recovered from other times.

It should be noted that designers are currently looking to the future with a more avant-garde look with much more innovative silhouettes. On the other hand, more models are also maintained. t2>classics and more and more interest in sustainable footwear lines.

That said, what will be the trends for this spring/summer 2023?


It seems somewhat contradictory but that's right, these sandals are possibly your best allies for this summer. What do we mean when we talk about flat platform sandals? Specifically to very simple models that normally had their flat version and a platform with a lot of volume has been added.

They are ideal for summer since they retain that comfort of flat sandals, giving us a little more height: something that we often look for. At HEE, you can find many of these models such as the AQUA VAIANA or the IGNIS SIENNA.


There are many types and with all their variants, either in the heeled or flat version but always trying to imitate that “Roman” style that has already been trending on many other occasions.

Sandals with straps are a very elegant and subtle alternative for the spring/summer seasons, especially if we combine them with a skirt or dress so that attention can fall on their straps as decoration. Our model VENTUS AURA is a real “must” for this summer.


A true classic that has been a trend year after year and will continue to be so. Like sandals with straps, this type of shoe also dresses the foot a lot and gives it a lot of elegance to your looks.

The thickness of the straps can vary depending on the tastes of the consumers and the occasions for which they are to be used: but what is clear is that you should have one of them in your closet this spring Summer.

At HEE we have many models that fit perfectly with this trend and surely you won't be able to resist wearing them during this time. You can try IGNIS BLAZE, some IGNIS ENYA or some IGNIS PYRA.

As you can see, we've already been telling you about some of the trends that are going to hit the big time these months and we still have many more left that soon we'll tell you about. In HEE we like to always be up to date ;)