4 looks que puedes combinar con tus HEE

4 looks that you can combine with your HEE

Have you bought some HEE and want to find the perfect outfit for them? We bring you a couple of ideas where you can be inspired so that your new shoes can shine.

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Are you super happy with the purchase of your new HEE shoes and want to find the perfect looks to show them off? We give you a couple of ideas for it.


A very elegant model that simulates being made of wood but made with very light materials that will allow you to go lightly and comfortably wherever you go. What can you wear with shoes? A set consisting of a shirt and chino pants can go very well with your IGNIS.

look hee

Logically you can make all the variations that you want in terms of colors and garments. Shirts, t-shirts, suit pants: you have many possibilities that you can combine with other accessories such as jackets or scarves. You have 3 colors that allow you to combine it with whatever you want.


Some sandals super light and versatile for this spring/summer that allow you to combine them with any outfit. You have nothing more and nothing less than 7 colors to choose from and with what you will surely find the one that best suits your style of dress.

ventus alya hee

With these VENTUS you can wear dresses, shorts, jeans, skirts, linen pants, etc. As we already mentioned, their range of colors will allow you to wear them with whatever you want , in addition to the fact that they are shoes that will never fail you. Highly recommended.


Are you looking for shoes to combine with your freshest and most beachy looks? These AQUA are your solution for it. You have a lot of colors available and another model that is also ideal for these occasions: the AQUA PERLA.

The personality that these flat sandals have will allow you to wear outfits with very warm colors that also stand out and take advantage of this model. From printed dresses, skirts and pants to jeans and solid-coloured T-shirts and shirts.


look hee

A very versatile and comfortable option with which you can walk for hours and your feet won't even notice them. Ideal for working, walking, going for a drink: the possibilities are endless. These TERRA can very likely be your great allies this spring/summer.

What to combine them with? Very easy, practically with whatever you want. You can try long and summery dresses, flowing pants, midi skirts and a long etcetera. As for tops, t-shirts and t-shirts with subtle prints can make a perfect match with these sandals.

As you can see, there are many ways to show off your HEE. All our shoes are and here is the proof.