¿Cómo ordenar tu calzado?

How to order your footwear?

You have an important event and the same thing always happens to you, when you already have your outfit you can't find the shoes you want in your closet because your footwear is quite disorganized. The solution: the Konmari method

Shoes are always a challenge when it comes to organizing them, we usually have everything in our closet: from those that resist day to day to those that can spend weeks stored waiting for the right occasion to go out and show off.

But, how do I find them easily and have them organized? For this there is the Konmari method. We will explain it to you.

First, and for the most important step, you should take out all your pairs of shoes. It seems obvious, but this will make you aware of the amount of shoes you have and the space they have occupy. It is important to point out that ALL of them must be removed, even those that you have not used for years.

ordenar armario hee

Once you have them visualized, place them on the floor by categories. Sandals on one side, boots on the other, slippers on the other, etc.: this way, you will know well which shoes you have of each type and it will be easier for you to select them.

Now it's time to discard. Having sorted all your shoes by category, you will have a total vision in which you will be able to be aware of those shoes that you should get rid of. No “just in case”, be realistic.

ordenar calzado hee

Once we have settled on those shoes that are essential, it is time to decide where you are going to place them. According to this method, it is advisable to use an accessible place for those shoes that use more frequently.

The lower part of the closet or a shoe rack in the hall, can be the ideal places to store your shoes for daily use. In the same way, those that have a more sporadic use, can go in the top part of the closet.

When storing them, the heavier shoes will be placed in the lower part and the lighter ones in the upper part: creating an aesthetic balance in the shoe rack. Another trick that we can use is to store them in their boxes, something very simple but aesthetically clean and orderly.

ordenar calzado hee

You could always store our shoes in the upper part because of their lightness: from VENTUS AURA to IGNIS LAVA :)

As you can see, it is not that complicated to have your shoes organized and well classified. From HEE we encourage you to make these small changes that will surely they will be very useful to you.