Trends summer 2023

There is very little left to open the 2023 summer season and we are looking forward to it. You may be wondering what the fashion trends will be during this time, here we bring you the answer.

Sun, beach, walks, trips… Summer is very close and, logically, we know that you would like to know what clothes will be the ones that will suit you. petan during this time of year. We have been informing ourselves and today in HEE we will tell you What clothes should be in your closet?



The linen, a fresh and elegant material: ideal for summer. We are not talking about any new trend, linen has always been there every year to accompany our looks more summery.

Shirts and pants, no matter the that because they are always a good option because of how easy they are to combine. In fact, many of our sandals (or all!) can fit perfectly with this material. Some sandals IGNIS or some VENTUS, For example.



The dresses are always an excellent option for the summer season, a garment for which you hardly have to worry about combining. We warn you that this summer you cannot miss style dresses ‘boho or lingerie.

We recommend you have at least one of each to be able to go to them in special occasions, you can dress those with more style hippie (either ‘boho) to go to the beach or spend the day and reserve the dresses lingerie for more special occasions such as dinners or evening walks.


¿What do we mean when we talk about tailoring?? We are referring to pants and blouses with a style similar to that of suits, logically made with fresh materials to be able to use them in summer. A fashion that we could already observe during the spring of this year.

The interesting thing about these looks is that many of them have a top (or bottom) part with which to combine: are looks of two pieces. This is very interesting because it gives us a lot a lot of play when it comes to dressing, In addition, they are very refined garments and a very elegant option for special occasions.


There are many types but this summer the biggest trend is found above all in the denim skirts, knitted and linen skirts. As with dresses, long skirts are a very comfortable option that you obviously should have in your closet.


This garment can be combined in many different ways and used for different occasions, It can fit perfectly into more informal events but can also look great on other more special occasions along with t-shirts or blouses: both plain and printed, depending on the design you have.

As you see, Summer is full of trends: not only in clothes, but also in terms of colors, accessories and (obviously) in footwear. In future posts we will tell you more things ;)