¿Con qué estilo de moda te identificas más? Descúbrelo en este post

What fashion style do you identify with the most? Find out in this post

Which style do you most identify with? Fashion changes every year and there are always new trends, but there are styles that never go out of style. In this post we present four styles that could be perfect for you.
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4 fashion style ideas for you:

Classic Style

Estilo de moda clásico

The classic style is based on shirts, suit jackets and suit pants. This style may look a bit dated, but it's a basic that always gets the job done. If you want to give it a more modern touch, you can combine it with metallic shoes that are very fashionable this year.

Boho Style

Estilo de moda boho

The boho or hippie style is perfect for those looking for patterned garments, bright colors and a lot of personality. This style is characterized by its relaxed and bohemian style that combines the ethnic with the modern. Ideal for those looking for a more casual looko.

Romantic Style

Estilo de moda romántico

The romantic style is based on garments in soft and delicate colors, such as blouses made of soft, loose materials, ruffles and midi skirts. This styleo is perfect for the summer and spring seasons, as it combines comfort and style in equal parts.

Retro Style

Retro style is a mix of modernity and tradition. This style combines pieces like leather jackets and plaid shirts with jeans and more modern shoes. This style is very powerful in recent years and is becoming a very popular trend.

Do you identify with any of these styles? You may be comfortable with more than one depending on the situation. In any case, a HEE (for example, a pair of sneakers) can go perfectly with any of these styles.

Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Dare to experiment and find your own style!