¿Cuáles serán las tendencias en calzado durante este año?

What will be the trends in footwear this year?

2023, the year of the classics but updated: loafers, cowboy boots, ballerinas, boots and ankle boots with daring metallic touches. Here we tell you everything you want to know.

Shoes always generate great expectations among the public when it comes to knowing what the new trends will be. It is at large events such as Fashion Week, where we can anticipate knowing what the proposed trends are for next year.

Many of the fashions in terms of women's shoes that began to be seen in 2022 are fully integrated into our closet to stay stronger.

In general terms, designers have come up with new and daring proposals: these trends try to renew some classics by offering a new vision of the future while giving a small “wink” to the past. As has always been said, fashions always reappear and are recycled and we will check it here.

  • Dancers
  • Simple, comfortable and very easy to combine. During 2022 they already began to sneak into many closets for a simple reason: they have never disappeared. This footwear can give us a lot of play if we use it together with patterned garments and an infinite number of colors, the possibilities are endless

  • Cowboy boots
  • Cowboy boots have left the big screen to become a very powerful trend this year, becoming an essential. Very combinable with printed dresses or for classic looks that will add that distinctive touch to our outfits

  • Metallic (boots, ankle boots, moccasins, etc.)
  • Perhaps it may seem too daring, but this year we recommend you take risks and try metallic touches when dressing your shoes. We can see it present in many of the most classic shoes (loafers, sandals, boots, etc.) that use this premise in their models. Many of the shoes in our new HEE collection feature this monochrome hue

  • XXL Platforms
  • For a few seasons the platforms can never be missing. What is certain is that each time, both consumers and designers are daring with much larger platforms and this year will be no less. Comfortable, practical and very fashionable.

  • Clogs
  • The truth is that this type of native Dutch footwear seems to be very traditional but it returns to our streets. They were already another of the great protagonists of 2022 and this year they were not going to be less. During the spring-summer season this year, the stores will be flooded with clogs. We can see them in more sober versions and also with other additions such as studs. They work perfectly with jeans, blouses and tailored trousers.