4 looks with which to combine your HEE

4 looks with which to combine your HEE

If there's one thing that characterizes our sandals, it's their great versatility when it comes to combining them with your best outfits, and here we're going to provide it to you. We bring you 4 looks with which you can combine your HEE . Don't miss them!
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Our summer models are a wardrobe staple, capable of being combined with any of your outfits: this will allow you to always look stylish and, most importantly of all, in style wherever you go.

That's why we bring you 4 simple summer looks and the perfect match for your HEE.


4 SUMMER LOOKS COMBINE HEETO summer classic that you can wear in so many ways and adapt it according to the occasion for which you are going to use it. You can change the color or material of both the shirt and the shorts, something that gives you a lot of options when it comes to dressing up.

Which of our HEE would you recommend in this case? Actually all of them but, to make a selection, we could tell you that the AQUA KAI or AQUA NAIA models for more casual occasions could be ideal. If we are talking about more special occasions, IGNIS ENYA or IGNIS LAVA it will be perfect for you.



something that never fails in summer, whenever and wherever. The most comfortable and fresh option for this season that offers thousands of different possibilities, it is clear that the more jumpsuits and dresses you have in your wardrobe, the easier the task of choosing a look for this season will be.

As there are many possibilities offered by these garments, so are the sandals to match them with. You can use models that go from the simplest ones like the VENTUS AURA to some more special ones like the IGNIS BLAZE. No complications!



Satin blouses are also a must for your summer looks. Printed or plain, in thousands of different cuts but always with that shiny and subtle touch that makes everything look much better. Here we've combined them with white trousers, but you can match them with any garment: skirts, linen trousers, shorts...

Which HEE sandals do we recommend? Well, if you want to give it a more elegant touch, we recommend that you choose models like the IGNIS PYRA, IGNIS KENNA or IGNIS EDNA. Your outfit will catch all eyes!


We have already talked about this garment on other occasions but we will never get tired of saying how wonderful it is for this summer season. TO very fresh, comfortable and easy to combine garment that you can wear for all kinds of occasions. In addition, it is a trend that we can find in many ways (with cuts on the sides, for example) and colors.

You can combine it with any of our models but especially with our flatter models such as VENTUS ERA, AQUA CORAL, AQUA PEARL or VENTUS ALYA.

As you can see, we already warned you that our sandals were very versatile and here we have proven it to you: you don't need any other proof. live the summer comfortable, light and stylish ;)