¿Sabes qué es la colorimetría?

Do you know what colorimetry is?

According to you skin color, your hair and your eyes There are going to be colors that favor you: colors that you should apply in your clothes and your shoes. To know which is your appropriate palette, we are going to explain it to you with the four seasons color theory.

This theory is organized into four types (one per season) taking into account the tone of your skin, hair and eyes. They are called type spring either autumn at warmer skin and to the colder skin, of type summer either winter.



If you Your skin tone is light, your hair is dark and your eyes are dark, You belong to this group. ¿What kind of colors suit you then?? Cold and intense colors such as black, blue, yellow, green or red.

In the same way, the grayish, magenta and pink tones. You can try with ranges of blue or silver. 


¿Your skin has a golden tone, you have light hair and light eye color? You belong to the spring group. When implementing colors in your clothes and accessories, you should choose rather warm colors.

Warm tones of green, pink, purple, orange, yellow or blue. Many of the colors mentioned above can also work for you. combined with each other (such as orange-red) or floral tones: very spring colors honoring the name of the group they belong to.


Your hair color is light (from ash blonde to darker), Your skin tone is light and your eyes are blue, green or hazel: This is your group.

If you identify with these characteristics, The colors that will best suit you will be those that tend to be softer.. Colors like red, orange, fuchsia, blue, yellow, violet or green will suit you. in its most ranges “cake..


¿You have not yet identified with any of the previous groups? It's probably because you belong to this group. We talk about people with warm skin, dark hair and dark eyes.

If you have all these features, we recommend that you opt for earth and warm tones such as brown, maroon or dark green. Additionally, you can also use colors like bronze, beige or turquoise blue.

And you, ¿What group do you identify with?? We recommend that you implement these simple guidelines in your looks and you will notice the difference.

It should be noted that this not only applies to clothing but also also to footwear. Therefore, we encourage you to check out some of our VENTUS, TERRA, AQUA either IGNIS since you will surely find those that are perfect for you :)