How can you dress if you are a short woman?

Sleeves that are too long, pants that have to be re-hemmed, and so on. Does it ring a bell? If your answer is YES, we think this might interest you a lot. Today we want to talk to you about what garments and combinations you can use if you are a short woman.

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What clothes flatter and enhance the figure of a short woman?

🟢High-waisted pants

High-waisted pants are obviously a YES. They will lengthen your legs visually, especially flared pants and cropped (those that reveal your ankles)

🟢 Mini skirts

If you are a fan of showing your legs and you like to wear skirts, we recommend that they be mini length so that your legs can be seen as much as possible and thus give them the maximum length possible. Also, if you combine these dresses/skirts with tights of the same color, the effect will be maximized

🟢 Short coats

Jackets and coats whose length goes beyond the waist can greatly shorten your silhouette, which is why, if you are a short woman, it is best to wear short jackets. This will generate the perfect balance between the upper part (trunk) and the legs, adding sophistication and elegance

🟢 Unicolor looks

Without a doubt, outfits of the same color on both sides (shirt and pants) will help you lengthen your silhouette. Just choose a color that you like and dress yourself completely from head to toe with it, it will visually evoke a straight line and your figure will look slimmer. The unicolor look is ideal for suits and dresses

And how many shoes?

For footwear, we recommend the following:

📌Try to wear shoes that show your instep in order to lengthen your silhouette

📌 Choose shoes that are the same color as your pants or socks to create a longer-legged effect

📌 mid-calf cuts can shorten your figure: the shorter the upper part of the shoe, the better

📌 As a last piece of advice but not least, we must tell you that wedges will be your best allies

In this way, the TERRA in any of its models will be your salvation ;)