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What shoes should I pack in my suitcase?

Footwear for traveling:quite a dilemma. What shoes should I take if I have a trip? Do I have shoes that allow me to be comfortable walking for hours? If you have ever had any of these doubts, we will give you a couple of tips to choose the best option

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At the time of set off on a journey and packing our suitcase we always have doubts about choosing the suitable shoes, we do not want to exceed the weight of our suitcase, so we try to ensure that the shoes we take meet all the necessary requirements to spend hours and hours walking.

zapatos viaje hee

To choose a good pair of shoes you must think about the climate, soil conditions and different variables that will condition said choice. It is very important that you think carefully about it to prevent wounds, blisters or injuries to your feet from preventing you from enjoying the experience normally.

The first thing you should assess is whether the place you are going to vacation is a large city, a coastal or mountainous area since this will logically condition your choice a lot. To take long walks in the city, for example, you should choose shoes that are ergonomic and breathable.

Another important factor is the climate. Before packing any suitcase it is recommended Check the forecast for the place you are traveling to. If our vacation destination stands out for its high temperatures, you should take some sandals that are cool, resistant and that allow your foot to breathe well. Any of our HEE, For example ;)

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Something that will also have a lot of influence will be size and weight What we want our luggage to have depending on the means in which we are going to travel. If our space is limited, we will look for some shoes that are light and easy to store so that they don't take up much.

Having said that, ¿What characteristics should your travel shoes have??

 Comfortable: They must be shoes that allow you to have sufficient comfort throughout the trip, uncomfortable shoes can ruin your stay

Breathable: Something that we often do not take into account but it is very important, if your shoes do not breathe enough, it is most likely that this will cause a bad smell. Also, think that it is always good that your shoes respect as much as possible.

Resistant: Nobody likes to be on vacation and have to buy emergency shoes, so make sure your shoes are durable and will last long enough hours.

zapatos viaje hee

Once all these questions have been clarified, we hope that it will no longer be so difficult for you to choose which shoes to take in your suitcase when you go on vacation. We always recommend that the ideal thing, as long as it is not many days, is two pairs of shoes: one of them obviously must be HEE (or well, both!)..