Ventajas de utilizar cuñas

Advantages of using wedges

Wedges are a summer classic: there are those who consider them the best footwear option at this time... and with good reason. Because? For many reasons! Here we tell you the advantages of using wedge sandals.

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The wedge sandals are a must in the wardrobe of many for the hot seasons for all the advantages of wearing them. Maybe you are one of those or maybe not, surely if you are not used to using them, with the things that we will tell you you will go over to the side of the wedges ;)



When looking for footwear, we look for models that we like and that we can feel comfortable wearing, but above all we prioritize a good posture of our feet. Wedge sandals allow our foot to be positioned in a way that does not alter its natural position much. Something that saves us many aches and pains.

Many times what is sought is gain height but in a comfortable way, There are certain heels that are very difficult to wear for a long time and your feet notice it. Therefore, if what you want is to stylize your figure with a few more cm and you have no pain, wedges will be your perfect allies.



exist many models of wedge sandals: with different designs, colors, prints, materials, etc. They are shoes that They have never gone out of style, with small or large updates but they have always been among the summer essentials.

Buy some shoes of this type It's a guarantee you know you can use them for any time or situation and that will always be in your closet to save you from any trouble. You can use them for more special occasions or the most everyday ones and play with their height depending on the moment.

Furthermore, they are characterized by having a Great versatility and timeless designs. They are very easy to combine with any garment you can imagine, from jeans to dresses and skirts.



We already told you before that wearing wedge sandals implies add height without subtracting comfort: something super important. There are many types and heights, but one thing that is true is that they help create an effect in which your legs can look taller if that is what you are looking for.

There is many strategies when combining them. If you want to create this effect, we recommend that you combine them with clothes in which your legs can be seen, such as skirts or dresses.

As you can see, there are many benefits derived from using wedges. So you already know, you're taking a while to try nails TERRA SEINE, nails IGNIS ASHA or one TERRA AVANI.