basicos de verano hee

Our summer basics

We know that summer has very little left to end and perhaps buying sandals is not much in your plans but there are certain basics that you should not miss the opportunity to have . Versatile and timeless classics that will serve you for next summer and… many more!

We are a little sad because We are already saying goodbye to summer; It means that we are already having in mind what type of footwear we are going to wear during the fall/winter season with the arrival of the cold.

But first of all ¿Don't you think it's a good opportunity to take advantage of the incredible end-of-season discounts?? Think that you can always buy sandals at prices very very good and reserve them for next year in addition to enjoying them in the last hot days.

Our advice is that make the most of this opportunity and you get hold of versatile and timeless sandals that you can use during the coming season (and many more!). Having said that, ¿Do you want us to tell you what our basics are? Here you go!a!


básicos de verano hee

 Flat sandal you can go to whenever: to go out, go to the beach, walk ¡a model you must have! Five colors with which you can combine any of your looks summery


Some comfortable wedges they never come bad, TRUEd?. Well this happens with this model; the sandals comfortable and versatile par excellence that will never go out of style. You can wear them for hours and your feet will thank you, plus you can use them for any situation.


básicos de verano hee

 One of the models more elegant, classic and timeless sandals that you should have in your closet. Its heel will contribute to your outfits that stylish and distinguished touch what you are looking for but without leaving aside comfort thanks to its wonderful cushioned insole.


Roman style flat sandals They will never stop being a trend and that is so. One of the most demanded models for the summer season and it is something that is not surprising because its incredible versatility. Like the other models, these sandals should definitely be in your basics because they are such a closet ground.


básicos de verano hee

 A model that will never fail you, especially in the more beachy occasions. Summer is time to show off colors, dare a little more and these flat sandals They are ideal for it. Fresh, colorful and comfortable to give a special touch to your looks. For us, such a inevitable, definitely.

As you can see, many of our models They are a classic that you can wear for many seasons. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage our end-of-season bargains to get one (or several) of them ;)